Hide unwanted file folders with File Filtering

Use filters to remove files and folders you don't want to synchronize with Zea. There are many reasons you might not want to synchronize all your 3D files; these are the most common:

  1.  The folder contains R&D, experimental, or pre-release files.
  2. The folder could contain backup, duplicates, or redundant data.
  3. You want to start processing a subset of the data as part of a test.

Note: By filtering out large data sections, you could later remove the filters to expand the testing to more 3d models. Filters also remove files that are already in Zea. The filter will check any file/folder path to see if it contains the string.

Applying a Filter

  1. Open Zea Sync
  2. Navigate to the Organization and Workspace

Syntax & Additional Information

  • For example: If you add a filter with the value 'Temp', it will remove files or folders which contain the name string 'Temp'. It would remove a file called './Foo/Temp.sldprt', or a file in a folder called 'Temp', such as './Temp/Foo.sldprt'. It could also filter files or folders such as 'Temperature'.
  • Paths all start with './', so to remove a specific folder, specify its entire path. e.g. './Foo/Temp/'. 

Note: The ending slash ensures it filters that exact folder. Very long and accurate filters remove what they specify. Shorter filters can remove items from many places in the file system.  Filters can remove more files than expected if they are short or inaccurate. A way to test is to remove a filter and refresh the filesystem in Zea Sync.


  1. To remove all SLDPRT files ending in the word 'Copy', add a filter with 'Copy.sldprt'.
  2. To remove all STEP files, add two filters, '.stp', and '.step'. Note: file extensions are always lowercase in Zea.
  3. To remove all folders called 'Backup', add a filter that starts and ends with slashes: '/Backup/'.

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