Creating Illustrations

Creating technical illustrations is the main purpose of Illustrations Hub. Most of the time, we expect you will either export the views you create as 2D images for product documentation or publish interactive 3D views directly to the web.

Create a New Illustration

  1. Click the New Illustration Project button inside Illustrations Hub. 
  2. Name your new Illustrations Project.
    1. This name is internal only, but it should be as descriptive as possible to help you find it later.

Cloning an Illustration Project

You can also create a new Illustrations Project by cloning an existing one within Illustrations Hub.

  1. Find the Illustrations Project you want to clone
  2. Click the three dots
  3. Click Clone 

Adding a 3D Model to Your Illustration Project

Now that you've created a new Illustration Project, it's time to add 3D asset(s).

  1. Click the plus icon beside 3D Assets at the top left of the screen.
    1. This will open up a new window where you can search from all the 3D assets that you have synchronized with this workspace. 
  2. Search for the asset you want to add. 
    1. This will usually be the topmost assembly part number. In the example below, 2034 is the part number for the trailer assembly. 
    2. While 2021 is the part number for the chassis.
⚠️ Assemblies can load other assemblies.

Renaming an Illustrations Project

Coming Soon

Creating a View

⚠️ The very first thing you will want to do is to pick your initial view and save it. Anything you move or change gets autosaved to the active view.

After setting your initial view:

  1. Click the plus icon beside Views at the top right of the screen.
  2. Name the new view. This name will be displayed publicly if you publish this project.
  3. Click OK
    1. There are two views now; the highlighted view (Step 1) with the Save Camera button is the active view. Anything you move or change gets autosaved to the active view.

Illustrations Project Version History

Your new project autosaves as you work. Each autosave is available under the History menu.


Publishing your project is the fastest and easiest way to share it with the rest of the world. The published link is unlisted, anyone with the link can view the project, but it won't be indexed by search engines.

Exporting Images

To export 2D images, click File/Export Images.

This will prompt you to download all the saved views in the project. 

Click Download to save the views to your local machine.

Default View Settings

  1. Navigate to your Workspace Settings
  2. Click Illustrations
  3. Adjust the default export size for views

Custom View Settings

To set custom view settings:

  1. Click the three dots on the view you want to customize, then click Settings.

  2. Adjust the view settings and background color to fit your needs.
    1. Change the view name.
    2. Adjust the export image's dimensions, including width and height
    3. Change the background color

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