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How to Install Zea Sync

This article explains how to install the Zea desktop application, called Zea Sync, for syncing native CAD files to the Zea Platform
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With Zea, all your 3D models are synchronized to the cloud and available online. You can securely access and share your 3D content from anywhere, anytime.
At least one user in the organization must install Zea Sync locally on a Windows PC or server to process your organization's 3D CAD to the Zea Platform, Zea's web application.

Prerequisites to install Zea Sync

To download Zea Sync, you must be logged in to an active Organization and Workspace.
If you don't have an account, sign up at
To install Zea Sync, you will need administrative rights on the computer.
For Zea Sync to read your organization's 3D files, the user profile must have access to the file location (this may be controlled by your company's IT admin).

Download Zea Sync from your Workspace Settings

Download Zea Sync from your organization's Workspace Settings

Run the Zea Sync Installer

After downloading, launch the Zea Sync installer from your browser or downloads folder.
We recommend installing Zea Sync in the default location suggested during the installation.
Read if you get a message that Windows protected your PC.

Launch Zea Sync

If prompted, sign in to Zea Sync using the credentials you use to sign in to Zea's web application.
After launching, Zea Sync will show you all the organizations for which you are a member.

Select the Organization you want to sync files with

You can use the same Zea Sync desktop application to sync files to any organization for which you are a member.
Click on an organization in Zea Sync to enter.

Select the Workspace to Sync files with

Now that you're in the proper Organization choose the Workspace where you want to synchronize your files by clicking the workspace.

Configure Zea Sync

Follow the instructions in

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