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Configuring a Master Parts List

A maters parts list is provides important information for each part within your 3d models.

Setting up Languages

Zea Parts supports importing data for multiple languages, and enabling end users to choose thier preferred language.
In the Settings for Parts List or BOMs, you can find the settings for the available languages.

What is affected by languages?

Any ‘Public’ fields loaded into Zea Parts via the spreadsheet import must be associated with a language. Before mapping public fields such as ‘Decriptions’ or ‘Notes’, you must first configure at least one language int he language settings.

A Public value is a value shown to the end user in the published parts catalog.

Mapping Fields

The rows in the Mapping table represent values within Zea Parts. The Drop down in the middle alows you to select a source column from the spreadsheet to import.

There are several ‘built-in’ values that you can map data from your source spreadsheet.

Engineering Part Number

The Engineering part number is the column in your spreadsheet the contains values that map directly to parts and assemblies in your CAD.

Service Part Number

Service Part numbers may be provided as alternatives to the engineering part number used within the CAD data. When this happens, the part being solid in service is being sold under the Service Part number and the customer is not shown the engineering part number.


One of the most important settings to specify, is if a part or assembly is sellable. The BOM should include rows for all levels of the assembly, up to the root assembly, even non-sellable items. Specifying that a row is sellabe will enable the add to cart button to be displayed in the published catalog and users are then able to place and order/RFQ for those parts.

Adding Custom Fields

Aside from the default fields listed above, you can also import any custom data you may wish to present to the users of your parts catalog. This might include Part Descriptions, Notes, Pricing, weight or any other data.
Click the ‘Add Field’ button, and then specify where you would like the field to be shown.


You can mark a field as ‘private’ to inicate it should not be shown to end users. Private fields are not required to be associated with a specific lanuage.

Note: If you have both a Master Part List and a BOM for each of your products, then you should define fields such as Description, Sellable etc.. in the Master Parts List and only use the BOM to provide the hierarchy.

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