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Release Notes

November 16, 2023

New Features/Enhancements:

Added a 'Scene Summary' dialog to the 3D model inspector
Improved display to show missing files during assembly loading
UI tweaks for missing 3D models and minor UI tweaks for Scene Statistics
Addressed UI inconsistencies on the Organization Users page
Improved error messaging and prompts for new user invitations
Fixed issues with sBOM icon size in Spanish translation
Addressed onboarding flow issues for invited users with missing buttons
Parts Hub
Implemented CC’ing customers for quotes requested
Added "General Notes" to order confirmation
Disabled Parts Hub on Zea Sync for organizations without a subscription
Illustrations Hub
Users can now rename and clone illustrations
Tooltip explanations for locked illustrations
Fixed Dope Sheet search overlapping Version History
Corrected right-click behavior in the Dope Sheet and added keyframe menu

Bugs Fixes:

Fix for upgrading to a paid plan without selecting the number of seats
Resolved issues with subscription proration error retrieval
Search functionality not closing after name or email selection
Fixed issues with changing seat numbers in billing
Fixed empty workspace display and organization field size inconsistency
Users restricted to settings of uninvited workspaces
Fixed disabled inputs appearance issue causing confusion
Super-users restricted by Illustrations Hub (IH) roles and access
Issues resolved for changing seat quantity in Stripe
Improved dropdown styles on the Organization Users page
Fixed issues with next button missing in the onboarding flow
Parts Hub
Minor spreadsheet import fixes
Illustrations Hub
Fixed Dope Sheet search overlapping Version History
Disabled Parts Hub on Zea Sync for organizations without a subscription

November 3, 2023

Chance Notice: New role names for Organizations and Workspaces

With the move toward making our platform free for organization members to access models even without a paid seat, role naming has changed slightly.
Previously the “Editor” organization role signified a user holds a seat for Illustrations Hub and can create/edit illustrations.
Standard Users are non-admins/owners
Illustration Hub seats are assign to organization members as ‘Editors’
Note: Permissions based on this change should not impact most users, however, Organization Admins who need Illustrations Hub editing will need to assign themselves a seat.

New Features/Enhancements:

Free Platform Users: a new role has been introduced to allow unlimited free view-only users (”Standard Users”) to join organizations to facilitate collaboration around model data.
Consolidated Organization & Workspace Settings: Settings are now centralized and can be access easily through a consolidated interface.
Creo Support: Creo’s configurations are now supported in XPR and Assemblies
Workspace Theming: Admins can now apply themes to a workspace, including logos and user-interface colors
Parts Hub
Spanish and French for Dealer View: All static text from the dealer view now has Spanish and English options (in addition to English)
Illustrations Hub
Dope Sheet Refinement (beta feature): Improved copy/paste functionality and UX clean-up

Bug Fixes:

Can now rename organizations
Illustrations Hub:
Fixed renaming materials so they update in Inspector
Fixed bug where application of materials was breaking illustrations
Fixed regression for older models where assemblies could not be selected
Fixed bug where initial view is in the wrong position after undoing delete

October 19, 2023

Known Issue: Zea Sync fails to update

Older installations of Zea Sync are failing to auto-update. Please manually update by downloading from the Workspace settings and installing over the existing installation. (No need to uninstall the older version).

New Features/Enhancements:

Illustrations Hub
Dope Sheet (beta): A spreadsheet-like tool for managing modifications in Illustration Views..
Group Pivot Editor: Default pivots for groups can be modified manually or via snap to other part pivots.
Unique Icons for Overlays: Overlays now have icons to differentiate callouts vs shapes.
Selection Filtering: Users can now activate selection filters to only select assemblies, parts, or bodies in the 3D viewport.
Reset Materials: Action is re-introduced to reset all materials for a view.
Callout Locations Persistence: Callout locations are now saved to views.
Bookmarks Search: Bookmarks can now be searched from the Bookmarks Tab.
Parts Hub:
Enhanced Shopping Cart Experience: Shopping cart is now saved to the browser memory, so you can close or refresh the browser without losing the cart. Cart is cleared after requesting quote.

Bug Fixes

Display Cube distortion fixed.
Illustrations Hub
Rename bug fixed for materials and groups.
Zea Sync
Extra empty rows for imported spreadsheets fixed.
Solidworks and NX Files that were failing to process now process successfully.
The tree structure of assemblies has been slightly simplified by eliminating redundant nodes.

September 28, 2023

New Features/Enhancements:

Invitations: Users can now decline invitations to organizations.
Assembly Caches: Zea Sync can now enables processing assembly files that contain caches of their parts and sub-assemblies.
Parts Hub
Part Visibility: Ability to “Show all parts” feature to reset visibility
Terminology Change: ”Customer Email” to “Dealer Email”

Bug Fixes:

Improved organization invite/accept invite UX.
A pause was addressed when loading assemblies in Workspaces containing large numbers of cad files.
Names in the Tree View for some kinds of assemblies are now more clearly displayed. For example, Creo assemblies now correctly display the instance name in the tree.
Illustrations Hub
Eliminated errors when editing previously assigned materials
Fixed overlay issues when shapes are added on top of callouts
Callout creation bug when a click is detected but no drag afterward
Groups/overlays getting stuck after releasing
After re-assigning materials in an Illustration, errors would occur if the original materials were subsequently edited.
Views now correctly save and load zoom values when working in orthographic mode.
PMI nodes are no longer parsed/shown
Parts Hub
Shopping Cart badge reflects part quantity
Fixed field mapping creation/edit bugs

September 5, 2023

Introducing Real-Time Collaboration (Beta)

Work on illustrations together, in real-time.
Active Avatars: Spot team members' avatars and actions in the 3D viewport.
Concurrent Editing: Simultaneously create and modify groups, views, materials, callouts, and more.
Instant Updates: Experience live updates as changes are made.
Enable Now: Activate this Beta feature in the Illustrations Hub Settings.

Callout and Shape Materials

Streamline your illustrations with consistent callouts and shapes.
Consistency: Quickly create and apply new callout and shape materials.
Shared Library: Access the same materials across all illustrations in your workspace.

Other Features

A collection of small changes that speed up load times and rendering have been added.
3D Models
A new feature to bookmark frequently-used parts and assemblies for quick access has been added. It is also available when importing models into illustrations.
Illustrations Hub
Callouts and shapes can now be reordered, which also affects their rendering order in the 3D viewport.
Parts Hub
A new 'Place Order' button lets customers email their orders directly to a set email address.

Bug Fixes

Resolved an issue that required a refresh during account creation for some users.
Minor UI and usability improvements.
3D Models
When local CAD files are moved between folders those changes are now reflected accurately when looking for 3D Models.
Illustrations Hub
The “Drop material” tool no longer stays selected when you delete the material being applied.
Minor UI and usability improvements.
Parts Hub
Published parts now feature a more responsive side panel and shopping cart on both desktop and mobile.
The Parts Hub statistics card on the workspace dashboard now displays accurate results.
Searching now better prioritizes part number searches above other numbers such as price.
Minor UI and usability improvements.

Known Issues

Illustrations Hub
We are aware of an issue that causes a 3D Model to render incorrectly after deleting a material that is assigned to it. If this occurs, you can revert to a previous version via File > History.

August 17, 2023


Zea Sync
When in “debug” mode in Zea Sync, CAD files can now be marked as “Invalid” which will force them to be reprocessed the next time all files are processed.
Parts Hub
A new ‘Service Parts Mapping’ option has been added to the Parts Hub settings where regex conditions can be used to map CAD files to service parts.
Parts list, serial number and attachment statistics can now be viewed from the workspace dashboard.
A filter has been added to the parts list to show parts with or without CAD files.

Bug Fixes

3D Models
Search results in 3D Models and Parts Hub now more accurately show the most likely result at the top of the list.
Fixed an issue in 3D Models that caused the transform gizmo to become selectable and cause an error when clicked on.
Fixed an issue that caused material colors to be inaccurate.
Fixed an issue that caused locally deleted CAD files to be missing from parent assemblies after being readded.
This change has also improved how local CAD files are moved. Instead of the file being deleted and readded it is now simply moved.
Assemblies that have subassemblies or parts with a mix of units (e.g. millimeters and meters) will now display at the correct scale.
Illustrations Hub
Fixed an issue where removing all models from the Illustrations Editor would cause the illustration to become unusable after refreshing or reopening the illustration.
Parts Hub
Hiding and showing parts using the SBOM in Parts Hub now works as expected when clicking the icon. The SBOM now also included the part description.

August 3, 2023

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where service parts were not displaying in the Parts List in Parts Hub.
Fixed an issue where searching in 3D Models would sometimes fail in with a large number of CAD files.
Custom themes now display correctly in an incognito window.
Fixed an issue where a material would remain selected even after it was deleted in the 3D Models Editor and Illustrations Hub.
Fixed an issue that could prevent users from selecting serviceable parts in Parts Hub.

August 1, 2023


For our Admins
Organizations can now be deleted from the Zea Platform
Locally deleted CAD files in Zea Sync are now correctly cleaned up in Zea Platform.
A SolidWorks native API can now be enabled in Zea Sync for those with a valid SolidWorks license. It can be found in the Advanced tab of 3D Model Settings.
For the Solid Edge native API users in Zea Sync, we now check for a valid license to avoid unnecessarily causing files to fail.
Language selection option added to import Map Field settings in Zea Sync for Parts Hub
For our Creators
Performance enhancements for loading Illustration editor history in Illustrations Hub
For Everyone
Users profiles can now be deleted allowing users to completely remove themselves from Zea Platform.
Release notes link added to Zea Sync and resource center
Smart search has been added to 3D models, service parts, and serial numbers search in Parts Hub

Bug Fixes

Vertical resize of panels and default panel sizing (Illustrations Hub view history and views panels)
Fixed folder scan issue where
Parts Hub breadcrumbs now show correct the values when loading a configuration of an assembly.
Theme colors are shown immediately when you enter your Workspace.
Fixed an issue where multiple instances of Zea Sync could be opened at the same time.
Fixed an issue where selecting items using rectangular select and deleting them could cause an error with the undo.

July 10, 2023


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