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Zea Sync

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Configuring Zea Sync

This article explains how to configure Zea Sync to synchronize 3D files with Zea Platform

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Zea Sync is a desktop (Windows) application that synchronizes 3D CAD files between a local file folder on your hard drive or server and the Global 3D Models module in Zea's web application.
It securely processes your organization’s native 3D CAD files into a highly optimized web format. This step does not include BREP (precise geometry) data or other sensitive data found in native files allowing service teams to visualize the resulting 3D files on the web without exposing sensitive information.

Configuring Zea Sync

If you don’t see a Workspace in Zea Sync, you will need to create one in the web application before proceeding.
Zea Sync is a tool to synchronize a folder on your network to the cloud. If you remove a file from the folder you’re synching, that file will also be removed from Zea’s cloud application after processing.
Launch Zea Sync.
If using a passwordless sign-in method, check your spam folder if you don't see the sign-in email from Zea.
Navigate to the applicable Organization and Workspace in Zea Sync.
Click on 3D Models to be synced
Click the gear in the top right-hand corner
Select the local folder that contains your CAD files.
If you know your CAD model's up direction, you can set it now. If you don't, you can adjust it later if your model renders sideways.
Close Zea Sync Settings

Running Synchronizations

There are three methods synchronize files which can be used in combination.
One-time synchronization for all unprocessed files (start here for initial processing)
One-time synchronization for one selected unprocessed file
Scheduled synchronization for all unprocessed files

One-time synchronization for all unprocessed files

Click the Synchronize button in the top right-hand corner
All done! In your workspace, you can find the synchronized files in the 3D Models module. You’ll know the sync was successful when a green checkmark ✅ is displayed next to your part.

You can close Zea Sync and work on the web application. You'll need to Synchronize the files again from the Zea Sync after any changes to the source 3D CAD files.

One-time synchronization for a selected unprocessed part

Select a file in the 3D Models view
Click the play button to sync/resync the selected file

Schedule Processing

Navigate to 3D Model Settings > Advanced > Scheduled Processing
Select an option from the dropdown to choose the frequency of processing
Proceed to schedule processing according to your choice


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