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Zea Sync FAQ

How to control/manage revision changes with different customers who have different revisions of parts in their machines?

If customers need to be displayed a specific revision of an assembly, this supported within Zea. The Zea Platform supports multiple revisions of parts and assemblies. When data is exported from the PLM, revision specifiers must be added to the generated filename, allowing all potential revisions to be uploaded to the platform.
e.g. For a part with part number 123, and 3 revisions, ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, the platform could contain 123_A, 123_B, and 123_C. The assemblies within the platform should also be revisioned and be locked to specific revisions of each part or subassembly.
What Zea does not provide is any dynamic revision selection at load time. The assemblies, which themselves are revised, are locked to specific revisions of each part and sub-assembly at the moment of export from the PLM.
Customers will need a way to load thier specific revision of a machine. This is easily handled through serial number that are tried to a specific revision of your product. The relationship between serial numbers and the reivsions of the machines needs to to be encoded into a spreadsheet that can be imported into the Zea Platform.

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