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Create a Workspace

This article will show you how to create a workspace within your organization
Applicable to the following products and plans:
All products and plans


Most manufacturers will only need one workspace, although having a sandbox workspace to mess around in isn't a bad idea.

When is another workspace a good idea?

A parent organization with multiple divisions that don't share information between them would create a workspace for each division. Alternatively, an organization with multiple brands that wants to respect each brand’s identity should use multiple workspaces.

Linked Workspaces

There is a way to link workspaces together, contact Zea to find out if this is right for you, and how to set this up.
Service providers who have multiple customers; each customer should have its own workspace.
An organization on Zea can have an unlimited number of workspaces.

Create Workspace

Only organization owners and admins can create a workspace.

Navigate to your Organization.
Click the Create New Workspace button.
Give your workspace a unique and meaningful name.
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