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Create a Workspace

Create a Workspace within your Organization.
Applicable to:
All products and plans
Organization Owners and Admins


After , you will have access to a Demo Workspace. Use this Demo Workspace to learn about the platform, create a few illustrations projects, and generally poke around.
Most manufacturers will only need one Workspace, although having a sandbox Workspace to mess around in isn't a bad idea.

When is Another Workspace a Good Idea?

A parent Organization with multiple divisions that don't share information between them would create a Workspace for each division. Alternatively, an Organization with multiple brands that wants to respect each brand’s identity should use multiple Workspaces.
Service providers who have multiple customers; each customer should have its own Workspace.
An Organization on Zea can have an unlimited number of Workspaces.
Linked Workspaces - There is a way to link Workspaces together, contact Zea to find out if this is right for you, and how to set this up.

Create a New Workspace

Only Organization Owners and Admins can create a workspace.
Navigate to your Organization.
Click the New Workspace button.
Give your Workspace a unique and meaningful name.
After creating your Workspace you will be taken to the Workspace Dashboard. From here you can browse your 3D models and access apps such as Zea Illustrations and Zea Parts.


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