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How-To Sign Up for Zea

This article explains how to sign up and create an account with Zea
Applicable to the following products and plans:
All products and plans
Illustrations Hub
Parts Hub

If you received an invitation to join an organization, you can follow the instructions in that email instead of what's in this article.


Anyone can sign up for Zea; All you need is one of the following:
An email address
A Google account
A Microsoft account
You will be prompted to create an Organization when you sign up. If you create an Organization, you will be the owner of that Organization.
You can use the same email address to create or join as many Organizations as you’d like, but you’ll count as a separate User in each Organization and towards any account limitations of that Organization.

Signing Up With Email

to sign up.
Check your email for a sign-in confirmation if using email.
Check your spam folder if you don't receive an email from us.
Click the sign-in link in the email.
Follow the onboarding instructions on the screen.

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