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Importing Attachments

Import Attachments into Zea Parts.
Applicable to:
Zea Parts
Organization Owners and Admins


Attachments are additional files, such as manuals, images, and technical documents, that can be uploaded and mapped to serviceable parts. These attachments provide users with more detailed information about the parts, enhancing the usability and value of the 3D parts catalog by offering comprehensive documentation and resources. Attachments use rules to match filenames to parts, ensuring that the correct files are associated with each part.
Before importing attachments, ensure you have set up your parts by importing a Master Parts List or Service Bill of Materials (SBOMs).

Open the Zea Sync Desktop App

Launch the Zea Sync app on your desktop.
Log in if required, and select the Organization and Workspace where you want to set up your parts catalog.
Choose Attachments from the options.

Select Your Folder

The Attachments Settings dialog will open the first time you enter (if it does not open, click ⚙️ in the top right).
Click on the Select folder button.
Browse to the location of the folder containing your attachment files and select it.

Explore the Interface

A) Toolbar

Refresh folder button: Useful if you have made changes in your local folder.
Statistics: Displays the status of files.
Filter: Select an option to filter the file list.
Synchronize button: Click this button to sync to the Zea Platform.
Settings button: Access the Attachment settings.

B) File List

This is a list of all the files in your selected folder and if they are processed or not.

C) Preview

A preview of the selected file.

Process Your Attachments

Click the Synchronize button
The files will process one at a time and change to a ⚙️ Processing state.
If everything is correct, the file will change to a ✅ Processed state.
If there are issues with mapping, the file will show an ❎ Error state.
If you make changes to the source spreadsheets of processed files they will display as Processed and Modified state. In this case you may re-process the SBOMs if the change was intentional.
Hover on an individual file and click on the Synchronize icon to process and individual file.

View Your Attachments

Go to the Zea Platform and navigate to the Workspace that you synced your parts to.
Here you can see statistics for how many attachments have been synced and the total file size.
Click on Zea Parts in the Workspace Dashboard.
Click on the ATTACHMENTS tab in the top left.

Fixing Attachment Mapping

When your Attachment filenames do not completely match your Service Part Numbers, you may find that Attachments are missing from files. Zea Parts offers tools that use regular expressions (regex) to help remedy this.
Replacements modify the Part Number and Filename before comparison to ensure consistent formatting. Use regex to remove special characters or standardize text.
Matching Paths extract specific parts of the Part Number and Filename for precise comparison. Use regex to isolate segments for detailed matching.
In this simplified example, our Service Part Number is a simple 4-digit number and our PDFs have “-manual” at the end. We will use Replacements to remove the extra text.
Go to Zea Parts on the Zea Platform.
Click on Settings and go to the ATTACHMENTS MAPPING tab.
Enter the Part Number and Filename that you wish to match.
In our case, they are 2027 and 2027-manual.pdf
You can see in the Replacement if the default regexes are creating a match.
Since they are not we want to Add Filename Replacement and add the regex /[A-Za-z]/g which will remove all letters.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see that the Final Match is correct.
More detailed explanations about regexes are on their way.

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