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Zea Partner Program

Exclusive benefits for agencies who partner with Zea

Solutions to fit you, and your clients

Zea Platform is free for your firm. Just pay to add clients.
Thank you for your interest in partnering with us. We are excited about the possibility of collaborating with organizations that are eager to leverage the power of 3D technology to transform their business operations and client engagements.
We want to empower your teams and your clients with the most powerful and versatile 3D equipment documentation platform on the web. From technical illustrations, work instructions, e-Learning, to automated 3D interactive part catalogs, we’re working hard to ensure that Zea helps you delight your clients and grow your business.

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Zea Platform | Exclusive Partner Benefits

Included for FREE

By joining our partner program, you will gain access to a suite of tools and resources designed to empower your business and enhance your service offerings, all at no cost. Here’s what you can expect:
Comprehensive 3D Solutions: Get access to our and model viewer, support for , and 3 seats for during the first year, with wholesale for additional seats thereafter.
Technical Illustrations: Create and export technical illustrations for a variety of needs, including repair manuals and e-Learning materials.
Virtual Reality Experiences: Bring your products to life in virtual reality and offer clients an immersive way to experience what you have to offer.
Unlimited Resources: Enjoy unlimited storage, organizations, workspaces, and projects to support your growing business needs.
Training and Support: Benefit from free training to ensure you and your team can maximize the value of our tools.

Why Partner with Zea?

Our partnership program is designed to streamline your workflow, enhance productivity, and ultimately boost your bottom line. From securely managing client files to enabling project managers to view progress easily, we provide a simple yet effective solution for working with your client’s 3D files. Additionally, by joining forces with Zea, you’ll be able to deliver next-generation innovation and build an e-commerce portal powered by Shopify, ensuring your clients always stay ahead of the curve.
Securely manage client files among your team, wherever they are
Enable project managers view progress
Easily share illustrations in a project with your client using a url
Update the 3D files without having to restart the project
Make updates to embedded 3D projects without having to edit your deliverable
Help your clients automate their 3D interactive part catalog
Work with Zea to build and launch an e-commerce portal powered by Shopify
Deliver the next-generation innovation that your customers are asking for
Pre-built success plan for on-boarding your client’s with Zea Parts

Our Expectations

We believe in mutual growth and success. As such, we expect our partners to actively promote Zea within their client base, sign up new clients, contribute feedback for new feature development, and participate in the roadmap definition process.

Zea is The Right Solution For Your Clients

No matter the size of your client – from small businesses to multinational corporations – our plans are designed to scale with their needs. Plus, as a Zea Agency Partner, you’ll enjoy a significant 40% off and subscriptions.
Zea Parts Pricing Tiers
Sellable parts
Price per 1000
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5
Tier 6
Over 40,000
There are no rows in this table
See the for detailed calculation and expected ROI for your client.
Ready to take the next step? Fill out the form below to begin your partnership journey with us. Together, we can unlock new opportunities and achieve remarkable success.
We look forward to welcoming you into our partner community!

How to bill your clients for Zea?

Wholesale billing

You buy Zea subscriptions for your clients and save 40% for the duration of each subscription. You pass on the charges to your client at at Zea’s suggested pricing or the rate you agree to with your client.
With this method, you control the purchase and setup for your clients, and we bill you directly.

Direct billing

Your client buys their own Zea subscription and saves 40% for their first year.
With this method, your client purchases Zea themselves and we bill them directly for their subscription. They invite you to join their organization at no additional cost using your exclusive “Agency” seat.


How can I use my FREE Partner Seats for Zea Illustrations?

Once you’re into Zea’s Partner Program, we will provide you with a coupon code valid for a 100% discount on 3 seats of Zea. Illustrations.
Join Zea's Partner Program
Click on "Upgrade" on the top right within the application. 
Select Zea Illustrations
Click Upgrade
Add "3" seats and click to purchase on Stripe
Add promo code 

How do I sign up my client?

Getting a new client is great. Connecting to clients through Zea makes working with them even easier.

Add clients who are new to Zea (Wholesale Billing)

You can add clients to your wholesale discount plan and subscribe to Zea for them. This lets you pick the products that best fit their needs.
Navigate to your dashboard (home page) in Zea
Select New Organization
Enter the client’s company name
Purchase subscriptions to Zea Illustrations as required using your unique discount code (issued during Partner Registration) during checkout.
with any questions.

Add clients who are new to Zea (Direct Billing)

You can and we will set up billing directly with them. We’ll also extend an introductory 40% discount for one-year (12 months) and let them handle their own billing and subscription.
Note: Your client will need to subscribe within 3 months and invite one of your team members to join their organization to get your exclusive partner discount.
Zea will activate their account and add their Organization to your dashboard. The user(s) invited in the previous step will have access your client’s organization and any workspaces they’ve been invited to.

Add clients who already have a Zea subscription

If your client already has Zea subscription, ask them to invite you to become their agency:
Ask your client to invite you to their organization.
They will need to send the invite to the email address you use for your Zea Organization.
Open the invite email and select the Accept Invitation link.
When you accept the invite, Zea will add their organization to your home page.
Sign in to Zea.
Select the Organization your client invited you to join.
Send Zea your client’s Organization ID number so we can assign you an agency seat that doesn’t count towards their seat count.

Transfer clients with existing Zea subscriptions to your wholesale discount plan

The organization owner can fill out to initate the transfer.
Once the client has provided permission, we will be in touch with you to validate changes to your billing and finalize the transfer.

What is Wholesale Billing?

Learn how wholesale billing works so you can pass discounts on to your clients.
If you’re a Zea Partner, you can take advantage of the Wholesale Billing program. This helps you provide the best long-term pricing for your clients and set them up for success. This applies to all current Zea subscriptions.
With wholesale billing, you can do the following:
Pay for your client's subscription.
Offer discounts to your clients’ subscriptions. If they want to, they can cancel at any time.
Get a detailed view of all your firm-billed subscriptions for your records.
Note: If your client wants to pay for their subscription instead, you can give them a direct discount for a year.

Where can I go to understand my wholesale billing charges and payment history?

In the Zea App, navigate to Organization Settings / Subscriptions
With Zea, each organization will have a separate invoice where you will be the “bill to” customer, and your client will be the “ship to” customer making it easy to monitor fees for each of your clients.
Each invoice may include:
Monthly charges for subscriptions that are active in the organization, if applicable.
Prorated charges on changes added mid-billing period.
Prorated credits and charges for any clients who upgraded during the billing period.

How do I add or remove companies from wholesale billing?

As a partner, you can sign up new clients to get discounted rates on Zea products.

Add a new client to your Zea wholesale billing plan

Remove a client from your Zea wholesale billing plan

You may do any of the following to remove a client from your wholesale billing plan.
Transfer the organization’s ownership to your client
Cancel all subscriptions from the organization
Delete the organization

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