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Synchronize CAD with Zea

Synchronize CAD with Zea Sync and view it on the Zea Platform.
Applicable to:
All products and plans
Organization Owners and Admins


With Zea, all your 3D models are synchronized to the cloud and available online. You can securely access and share your 3D content from anywhere, anytime.
At least one user in the Organization must on a Windows PC or server to process your organization's 3D CAD to the Zea Platform, Zea's web application.
Your CAD files are never modified and never leave your computer.
Zea supports .

Synchronize your CAD

Open Zea Sync

Open the Zea Sync desktop app.
If prompted, sign in to Zea Sync using the credentials you use to sign in to the Zea Platform.
You can run Zea Sync without installing it if you download the .zip file. See instructions

Choose a Workspace

After launching, Zea Sync will show you all the Organizations for which you are a member.
Select the Organization and Workspace you want to sync files to.
Select 3D Models.

Pick the Folder Containing Your CAD Files

The 3D Models Settings dialog will open the first time you enter (if it does not open click ⚙️ in the top right).
Pick the local folder where you CAD files are stored.
Choose an Up Direction axis for you CAD files (you can change this later).
Click Done.

Synchronize Files to Zea

Click the Synchronize button.
You will see the files processing on the left
Successfully processed files will have a green checkmark.
Click on the file to view it in 3D.

View CAD in the Zea Platform

Anyone invited to your organization can browse the CAD files for free.
Go to the Zea Platform at
Select the Organization and Workspace where you synced your files.
Click on 3D Models from the Workspace Dashboard.
Browse your files by clicking on them.

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